Fitz's Rootbeer

Fitz’s is located in the historic Delmar Loop area of St. Louis, site of the St. Louis Walk of Fame and just a few minutes from Forest Park and many popular attractions. A full menu is offered, from gourmet hamburgers to delicious salads and entrees. Weather permitting, you can enjoy relaxing on our patio.

Fitz’s may be the only restaurant in America where you can watch a vintage root beer bottling line in operation while you enjoy your meal. The equipment dates back to the early 1940’s, and is easily viewed from the main dining room.

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Oct 6

Oct 1

Don’t forget about the Style in the Loop after party at Fitz’s!

Sep 30

Fitz’s Root Beer Tour

Huge thanks to Matt, who gave a wonderful review of Fitz’s, and has tons of stellar photos of the restaurant and bottle works on his blog!


St. Louis, MO — Root beer is neither a root nor a beer. Discuss. It’s true, root beer’s connection to real beer is in name only, but we’ll make an exception this one time. Fitz’s Premium Root Beer is truly an American classic that deserves a spot next to the storied craft breweries in the fizzy history of carbonated beverages. Located in St. Louis, Missouri—in the Delmar Loop area of University City, for those familiar with the area—Fitz’s has been pumping out bottles of delicious root beer since 1947.


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Here at Fitz’s, we figured it was about time for a tumblr! Of course we’ll share all sorts of information on Fitz’s and the exciting new events we have in store, but we’ll also give updates about what’s going on in the Delmar Loop, the fantastic neighborhood our restaurant and bottle works is located.

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